It’s hard to get to Buenos Aires but it’s two times harder to leave


It’s pretty hard to get to Buenos Aires from the Northern Hemisphere. Perhaps that’s why I heard so little about this amazing place while I lived in the States.

Seven months have passed by quickly and Eva has grown enormously. Yesterday our doctor said she is extra large by Argentinean standards. Well, in a good sense of course:).

It’s time for us to pack our summer stuff and head over to Cartagena, Colombia, a 16th century Spanish colonial town that is currently designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then Santa Marta with its Tayrona National Park and magnificent Caribbean beaches. We are also hopeful of visiting San Andrés. Even though we are planning to come back in a few months I find it pretty hard to leave Buenos Aires. We will certainly miss all these wonderful people that we’ve met here.

I thought that pictures of our neighborhood life would explain better than a thousand words.

Viva Buenos Aires!