It’s about time to get my own blog started


Social networking Vintage style

It’s very interesting how long it took me to start my own blog.

I had all other human social accounts from the image above (what’s Imgur, by the way?), save for that one at the middle of the desk. Thanks to John Atkinson with his Wrong Hands for running a reality check on my vintage status upgrade. It’s been overdue for so long!

I was planning to do so for the last two years. Here I am at the end of 2013 after almost a year living in different parts of the world, finally making this final push.

One of the things that made me not forget about my promise are those friendly reminders from the great marketing blogger Neil Patel.

Neil makes things sound easy and provides tons of useful info no simple human can digest in one day. To say nothing about implementing or following it all thoroughly. Still in all, I decided to try it and see what happens.

After all, I’ve travelled to 40+ countries and lived like a local dude in some of them. My startup was another roller coaster story I lived through for the last couple of years. I learned a thing or two, caught some perfect waves and took a bunch of photos. Good or bad, I need to offload this stuff. So this personal blog will be a great excuse to take more photos and share some experience.

Why am I doing this today anyways? Great question, thanks for asking!

Simply because I received this very nice infographic Why Every Business Should Blog and there is no way to resist this urge any longer. I am convinced 100%, even though I am not a business. By the way, I blogged for my business for some time being, here.

Thanks Neil, thanks to my family and all friends including those Facebook ones.


Why Every Business Should Blog
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout